Tom Cococha Gold coal 1Kg

Three Kings Tom Cococca Gold 1kg TOM Cococha Premium Gold 1 kg - Shisha natural charcoal from coconut shells for the oriental hookah. This hookah charcoal is manufactured in by the brand company TOM and consists of 100% natural raw materials, without the need to cut down new trees. In the heat development, this hookah natural coal is superior to other commercially available coal briquettes. Advantages: Coconut shells accrue in the production of palm oil. Not a single tree dies for the production longer burning time approx. 1,5 hrs higher temperature leaves 80% less ash less emission of CO2 Advantages over the standard version: More tightly pressed: so the coals last longer Less smell: when lighting the coals Less ash: The coals smoke much less than the standard version. More heat: The coals are hotter than the standard version, and therefore suitable for all types of smoking (setups) Really environmentally friendly No fertilizers or pesticides are used in the cultivation of the raw materials. The energy consumption during production is low. Nuisance to third parties, e.g. by smoke development or odor nuisance, does not occur. Product details: Content: 1kg. Coal Mass of coal cubes 25x25x25 mm (72 pieces packed separately) 100 % natural odorless Please note: The coal does not contain a quick igniter and can therefore only be made to glow with a hot flame, e.g. Bunsen burner or coal starter.
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